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The Trek to Sapporo

10 Feb

We woke up and realised it was the day we had to check out. Wow!  That came quickly!
We spent the morning packing.  I had a little bit of trouble fitting everything but managed to get it all in with tetris like packing skills.
We decided to head to the Ghibli museum first and see if we could get a ticket in. We organised tickets before we left Australia but the tour we were meant to go on was cancelled because of “heavy snow” in Tokyo… The most snow that I saw on the day we went to Ghibli was in the photograph below, can you spot it!?


Like most people we were told that the only way to get tickets to the Ghibli museum was to order them through a travel agency.  However this is not true. There is a Lawson shop across the road from the museum which sells tickets at 4pm daily.  If you were unable to get a ticket and wish to see the wonders of this museum I definitely recommend doing this.  They are only 1,000 yen for a ticket too.


A friendly face welcomes you as you enter the museum.  I didn’t get many photos as many areas taking photos were banned but I managed to get a few on the roof top.



After this we hiked back to the train station with our big backpacks on and organised our tickets to get to Sapporo. We went back to Tokyo station first then boarded the train to Shinaomori at 18.56. From Shinaomori we took a quick local train to Amori and then jumped on the train to Sapporo at 22.42. It was snowing at Amori and we weren’t even close to Sapporo. It was going to be freezing!


We arrived in Sapporo at 6.07 and then had to wait around at the station for a few hours before we headed to Hotel Clubby to see if we could drop our bags of before we went exploring.


We had some breakfast at 9.00 and ran into a Canadian ex army guy/fisherman who was also travelling.  We all went to a arcade across the road and played a few games before we haf some lunch and he left. I think people really miss having English speaking people around them when they are travelling by themselves.
At 13.00 we were able to check into our hotel and I had a much needed shower and fell asleep. Lock and I set out for separate adventures that night.  I went out for dinner where i chatted to a lovely Japanese couple who were also trying to avoid the blizzard.


Lock on the other hand went out and met a nice Japanese girl who followed him everywhere,  accidently stumbled across an anti nucleur war riot and then found a nice piano recital at the top of a 35 floor building! What an adventure!

After dinner I was still exhauted from getting no sleep on the train so I crashed.

Hannah x


Planning Part One – Tokyo

20 Nov

Trying to put together an itinerary for a month is quite overwhelming!

I think that I will just have to split up Japan and focus on one city at a time.

So here it is… Planning Part One: Tokyo!

There are SO MANY things I want to do in Tokyo! Here is the list I have so far:

  • Ghibli Museum
  • Disney Land
  • Shop in Takeshita-Dori
  • Edo-Tokyo Museum
  • Go to Sugame for a taste of traditional Japan
  • Pokemon Centre
  •  Akihabara
  • Tokyo Animation Center
  • Sword Museum
  • Go and see the Cosplayers on Chuo Dori (and maybe do a bit of cosplaying myself)
  • Go up the Tokyo Tower

If anyone reading this has been to Tokyo and wants to suggest places to go, I’m all ears ^_^

I still have to figure out where I will be staying. I’m sure it would probably be smarter to pre-book as my flight gets in pretty late at night. The capsule hotels look like a bit of fun and also good for me as I’m on a bit of a budget (again anyone who knows any hotels at a good price please let me know).

Hannah x