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Disneyland is AMAZING!

8 Feb

I woke up excited like a child on Christmas morning today as it was the day we went to Disneyland!
We left Ninja and boarded the train to Disneyland after grabbing some sandwiches at the train station. There wasn’t any that I was keen on so I decided to wait until later.  I did however see a very odd combination sandwich.


On our way to Disneyland we ran into a bunch of Japanese cheerleaders who had just been to a competition.  They were lovely and took a photo with us. 


When we arrived at Disneyland I immediately turned into a child, singing all the songs I recognised in English even through they were in Japanese. I immediately wanted to go to the Alice in Wonderland area and did so. I went on the tea cup ride which was a lot faster than I thought it would be but want really scary at all.  Lots of fun though.


I then looked around at a few rides and waited around for the guys who went to get food.
Other rides then followed: Snow white, a carousel, Its a small world cruise, peter pan, toy story etc.


Hannah x


Planning Part One – Tokyo

20 Nov

Trying to put together an itinerary for a month is quite overwhelming!

I think that I will just have to split up Japan and focus on one city at a time.

So here it is… Planning Part One: Tokyo!

There are SO MANY things I want to do in Tokyo! Here is the list I have so far:

  • Ghibli Museum
  • Disney Land
  • Shop in Takeshita-Dori
  • Edo-Tokyo Museum
  • Go to Sugame for a taste of traditional Japan
  • Pokemon Centre
  •  Akihabara
  • Tokyo Animation Center
  • Sword Museum
  • Go and see the Cosplayers on Chuo Dori (and maybe do a bit of cosplaying myself)
  • Go up the Tokyo Tower

If anyone reading this has been to Tokyo and wants to suggest places to go, I’m all ears ^_^

I still have to figure out where I will be staying. I’m sure it would probably be smarter to pre-book as my flight gets in pretty late at night. The capsule hotels look like a bit of fun and also good for me as I’m on a bit of a budget (again anyone who knows any hotels at a good price please let me know).

Hannah x