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Lazy day!

8 Feb

After anice big sleep in, we got up at 1ish and met the other Aussies down in the basement of Khaosan Tokyo Ninja. We planed out the rest of the day.  I wanted to go and buy a cosplay and then go to Akihabara to join in with the crowds that cosplay on Sundays.
We traveled to Harajuku so I could drop into Bodyline to get a cheap cosplay.  I ended up buying 2!


The boys then wanted to go and get some food so we stopped into a little organic restaurant to have some lunch. I ordered a vegetarian organic pizza. It was quite nice. 


As we left this place it had gotten very cold so I decided not to change into my cosplay as I could do that in a few weeks when we went back to Tokyo. The others wanted to go to Shinbashi and see the big crossing they’re that is in so many animes and movies.  The crossing was huge!  And the buildings around it made it look like a Japanese version of Time Square.
We went back to Khaosan Tokyo Ninja after this as tomorrow was the big Disneyland day and we all wanted early nights.

Hannah x


Electric City!

5 Feb

The second day we were in Tokyo we met some other very “high fashion” Aussies who helped us figure out the washing machines. They invited us out for dinner and karaoke.  We had some dinner at Hooters which was much more classy than its American counterpart.


I had a teriyaki chicken burger which was quite nice. After dinner we went to Akihabara and visited the sega tower to play some games. The drumming game was awesome! It even had the mario song to play along to. I won the game which I was very happy about.



After this musical experience we decided to go to kareoke as we haf missed the last train back to our accommodation.  We went to big echo which had a huge range of English songs to choose from. We sung a bit of Vanessa Carlton, Bullet for my Valentine and many many more until the next train came along.



There was even a cute cutout of Miku in the foyer as we left. I just had to get a photo.
I slept so well when we got back to tge accommodation.  It was a very fun night.
Hannah x

Planning Part One – Tokyo

20 Nov

Trying to put together an itinerary for a month is quite overwhelming!

I think that I will just have to split up Japan and focus on one city at a time.

So here it is… Planning Part One: Tokyo!

There are SO MANY things I want to do in Tokyo! Here is the list I have so far:

  • Ghibli Museum
  • Disney Land
  • Shop in Takeshita-Dori
  • Edo-Tokyo Museum
  • Go to Sugame for a taste of traditional Japan
  • Pokemon Centre
  •  Akihabara
  • Tokyo Animation Center
  • Sword Museum
  • Go and see the Cosplayers on Chuo Dori (and maybe do a bit of cosplaying myself)
  • Go up the Tokyo Tower

If anyone reading this has been to Tokyo and wants to suggest places to go, I’m all ears ^_^

I still have to figure out where I will be staying. I’m sure it would probably be smarter to pre-book as my flight gets in pretty late at night. The capsule hotels look like a bit of fun and also good for me as I’m on a bit of a budget (again anyone who knows any hotels at a good price please let me know).

Hannah x