Rain, Rain and Temples!

19 Feb

I woke up this morning with hope that it wouldn’t be raining. My hope was short-lived when we walked outside. I needed to do my washing today, I couldn’t put it off any longer so I had found out where a coin laundry nearby was and put all my clothes in a bag. There was just one problem: all I had left to wear was a shirt and long socks with a top and jacket. I was going to freeze!
I headed outside and to my dismay it was snowing! Great. Now I suppose I will understand how the Japanese school girls must feel everyday.
Luckily the coin laundry was only a few blocks away so we rushed they’re in the snow and packed all the clothes in the washing machine and then headed to a cafe in the same block for some breakfast/lunch.
When the meal came out I couldn’t belive how big it was. all this for only 800yen! There was no way I could eat it all. But I have it a good go.

After trying to kill some time while our clothes were in the dryer we went back to the guesthouse with the warm clothes and I immediately got changed into some jeans. Much warmer!

We then headed off to go and look at Isshin-ji Shrine and the buddha statues that I thought were made out of human bones. The bones idea nearly made me not visit this shrine but Lock really wanted to see it so we went. I was happy to find out that it was much less morbid than I thought it was going to be and the statues were made from ashes and not full bones.


Our next stop was Shitennoji Temple which is the oldest Temple in Japan!
I found out that the Temple was founded in 593 by Prince Shotoku and dedicated to the four guardian kings aka shitenno. Over centuries the buildings and structures have been distroyed repeatedly by various disasters, but the people’s devotion had always made it possible to rebuild.



All of this took much less time then we thought so we headed to the Umeda Sky Building. We got off the train at Umeda Station but couldn’t see any signs pointing us in the right direction so I asked the closest person. The high school boy, Numda (?), tried to show us on a map how to get there but when we looked confused he offered to take us there.
10 minutes later, he’d taken us to the sky building and I’d found out he was going to college next year to study economics and today was his one day of school for the week so he was “sight seeing collages”.
We thanked him and then walked into the building. I don’t think I realised just how big it was going to be until we got to the 5th floor and entered the lift to get to the 35th for where we brought our tickets.




The view from the 40th floor was amazing. I was feeling very faint though and a little bit nauseous though it was definately worth it!

After this we went on a hunt for some dinner. We found a cafe and had some pizza and cake. Yum yum!


Tomorrow I think I will head to a few at galleries!


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