The Day That Nothing Much Happened.

18 Feb

Today we had to check out of Osaka Central J-Hoppers because they were closing for a few days for a staff retreat.  We jumped on the train around 11.30ish after a bit of a sleep in and then packing up our room.
The new accommodation want far away so we headed there in the pouring rain,  without umbrellas and with all our bags!
We got to where we were staying and asked to leave our bags as we couldn’t check in until 16.00. They let us do that and we trekked through the train yet again to find some lunch. Lock had done Maccas but I held out until after he had finished and grabbed a donut and a cup of tea from Mister Donut. It was good because we were able to spend a fair bit of time inside this way and not get too drenched.
We got back to the guesthouse at 15.00 to see if we could sit in the lounge room but they said we could check in.  Our rooms seem to keep getting larger at every place we stay at!
We cranked up the heater and tried to stay warm while making plans.
We decided to go to a Mexican restaurant I was told about which was only one train stop away since there was really nothing and the guesthouse. The restaurant was awesome, and the food even better! It was very Mexican themed with graffiti from visitors covering the walls.



I ordered a burrito and a Mexican lemonade. The lemonade was amazing!  It tasted a bit like a spider.



After dinner we stumbled across a place where we could play pool,  so we went in and played a few games.
We then headed back to the guesthouse for a bit of an early night and in an attempt to stay warm.


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