Kyoto to Osaka

16 Feb

We woke up this morning and checked out of Khaosan Kyoto Guesthouse. Before we moved onto Osaka there was one last thing I wanted to see: the international manga museum.
Lock, Hanako, Max (a German guy we had met last night) and myself headed off to the manga museum.
On the way we stopped off at Moss Burger for a quick lunch.
We managed to find the manga museum after first walking straight past it and then having to ask for directions.
The manga museum was great. It seems that a lot of Japanese people user it as more of a library. We had a look at a few exhibions that the museum had to offer. One was 1000 prints by different artists of Maiko.
We also came across this guy… A Japanese storyteller. I thought he was absolutely hilarious though I didn’t understand much if his story.

After we listened to his story we had a look at the main exhibition. This showed how amine was made and had examples of popular anime from every year along the walls.

We stopped in at First kitchen for some pasta for dinner on the way back to pick up our bags then said our goodbyes and went to the train station to board our train to Osaka.


One Response to “Kyoto to Osaka”

  1. Jen October 23, 2013 at 1:33 am #

    Looks like a great place to visit. We walked past it on our last stay in Kyoto, but sadly, we didn’t have time to go in. 😦 Perhaps next time.

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