Welcome to Kyoto

11 Feb

After another very long train trip we finally arrived in Kyoto at 13.00. I’m very glad that there won’t be anymore train trips that long any time soon!
The first thing I noticed about Kyoto while traveling in on the train was the amazing mountains surrounding it. Although you don’t notice that as much once you get into the city as there are so many skyscrapers to block the view.


We spent the next hour or so trying to find accommodation.  Thankfully a very nice elderly gentleman pointed us in the right direction or it would have taken us a lot longer. After we organised out accommodation for the night at the new miyako hotel we only had to have some lunch before it was time to check in.


We spent the next few hours enjoying the luxury of having a bath and then decided to have a look in Aeon Mall that was just across the road from us.
We grabbed some snacks from the local suppa (supermarket) for dinner and then made out way back to the hoteru (hotel). We are some dinner while watching tv that we did not understand and then called it a night at about 20.00. We were utterly exhauted!

Hannah x


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