Sapporo Snow Festival

10 Feb

The reason I wanted to come to Sapporo was to see the Sapporo Snow festival. Today I was able to see it!
It has been absolutely freezing in Sapporo.  2 pairs of pants,  2 pairs of socks and 5 layers of tops and jackets still wasn’t enough.  The view from our room at Hotel Clubby just made me want to stay inside in the warm.  But we had to check out.


Before heading to the festival we went to the train station and booked our tickets to get to Kyoto.  The man at the counter thought that he must have been mishearing us and kept asking if it was really Kyoto that we wanted to go to.  After reassuring him many times he realised that we did want to go the very long way to Kyoto on train and gave us out tickets.
Our adventure to find the Snow Festival then began.  After leaving the station I stopped off to ask a few Japanese road workers which way it was to the snow festival, “Sumimisem. Snow Festival wa doku deska”. The poor elderly gentlemen must have got a bit of a shock because he had to call out to his fellow worker for some help, “Gigen! Gigen!” which means foreigner is what he was saying.  The younger guy was very helpful and spoke English really well and told us it was 4 blocks away. We thanked them and headed on our merry way.
The Sapporo Snow Festival is an event that happens every year and from what I’ve seen it seems to draw crowds from all over Japan.  It was almost impossible to find accommodation! A whole section of Sapporo is closed off and transformed into a winter wonderland.  As you walk down the stretch of road you will find many ice sculptures.  The ice stages are the most impressive and are about the size of a large 2 story house!



We spent most of the morning and afternoon looking around the festival but then headed to the station to look around the shipping complex there. We managed to find a music shop.  I was obsessing over the hand pianos while Lock was able to test out a very ornate looking guitar.


We grabbed some dinner at Moss Burger before we had to catch the train at 22.00.

Hannah x


2 Responses to “Sapporo Snow Festival”

  1. Jersey Joshii February 11, 2013 at 3:30 am #

    I loved it, did you have a good time?

    • hannabealla February 13, 2013 at 3:09 am #

      Glad you loved it! I had an amazing time! Those ice sculptures are incredible

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