Joypolis is a must!

10 Feb

Today we ventured to Shibuya. It was raining quite heavily when we left so we grabbed some umbrellas and headed off.  We stopped off at a bakery for a late breakfast/early lunch.  I had a pastry and a hot chocolate.


The Aussies and Lock wanted to check out a soccer rink that wason the roof top of a building. but it was closed because of the rain. Lock and I were going to meet a few people back at khaosan Tokyo ninja so we said our goodbyes to the guys and headed back to the accommodation.
We met up with Nate from America,  Sylvia from Australia,  Henrique from Brazil and Kim and Jemin from Korea.
After waiting for a while for them and thinking we might have missed them everyone finally grouped up in the basement and we headed to Joypolis.


The first thing I did was watch a 3D Sonic movie which was about a haunted house.  While it was in Japanese I still picked up on the storyline. The first actual ride I did was a car racing game in which you actually sat in a car with a screen infront of the windscreen that was on a moving platform.  It was pretty awesome.


I chickened out of the second ride which involved being strapped onto a board and spinning around a lot. There were so many interactive things and all of this was crammed into a 4 story building. 


There were 3 different virtual rides.  One was on a boat,  one on a plane and one a jungle. We went on the first 2. These were actually pretty scary, well at least for me they were. The ride consisted on a vehicle that you hop into which then moved into a dark room and a projection of your surroundings appears.  The vehicle is on a moving platform and air, water and movement is used to make the ride realistic.
I refused to go on any of the horror rides,  especially the 3D ring one.  The guys and Sylvia went on it.  Samarah is played by an actor and she chases you down a hallway and you have to run away. glad I didn’t go on it!



On thing that Tokyo, specifically Shinjuku, has a lot of is host and hostess bars.  There was a quiz at Joypolis that checked what type of host or hostess you would be and took your photo.  For us out was completely random as we couldn’t understand a word of Japanese in the quiz. We did however get some pretty funny photos from it!


There was an indoor roller coaster which I accidently went on.  It flipped upside down but only went for a minute.  I screamed the whole way but somehow managed to get the high score on it.
We had a great time here!  I would definitely recommend this to anyone visiting Tokyo. Micheal Jackson even loved it!



Hannah x


2 Responses to “Joypolis is a must!”

  1. toizelle February 10, 2013 at 8:20 pm #

    I went to Joypolis in December while I was staying in Odaiba. It was so much fun! We also watched that Sonic “3d” movie first thing as well. We also played some game where you have to travel around the whole place looking for clues and scanning these little picture things. We were determined to win and when we did you get to go in this little room and get your picture taken XD. Anyway, just commenting cos this looks like fun and it brings back good memories for me! I wish I had gotten my picture taken with the (creepy) purikura machines; yours looks so fun 🙂

    • hannabealla February 13, 2013 at 3:08 am #

      Thanks for the comment. I’m glad I could get you reminiscing. It’s such a good place to visit

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