Gotta Catch ’em All…Pokemon!

8 Feb

Today we went to the Pokemon Centre in Yakohoma! It was afternoon by the time we left khaosan Tokyo ninja.  The pokemon Centre was a lot smaller than I thought it would be but it was definitely worth a look. Apparently my favourite pokemon Eevee is also very popular over here. There was so many Eevee things. I brought an Eevee toy and some hair clips.


After that we had a look at a few other shops. Jump shop was right across the hall from the pokemon Centre and mainly had One Piece bits and pieces. There was also a shop next to it that called Moe Garden and it was full of Ghibli anime things,  also worth a look. 

After we finished looking around it was dinnertime. We found a Hard Rock Cafe and decided to go there.  There was such good music playing! I had a veggie burger here.  Oshi cutta! It was delicious!
Hannah x


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