First stop Harajuku!

5 Feb

The first day spent in Tokyo was a bit of a shambles as I was trying to figure out the trains which was a bit daunting at first.  But after I asked someone to help I realised there was an English button on the ticket machines.  oops!

First stop Harajuku! specifically Takeshita-dori. This was what I’d been waiting for!


Waking down the street I really just wanted to buy everything! My favourite shop would have to be BodyLine. Lolita, Cosplay and general Kawaii things for very very cheap prices! I brought 2 Lolita dresses.

I then went to get a crepe at Santa Monica crepes.  I ordered number 8 because I could say that in Japanese. It was amazing! Banana, creme and chocolate all wrapped up in crepey goodness!

Now time to explore!  We stumbled across a Temple at this stage. It was surrounded by a huge beautiful park. It also had all these barrels which had been painted.  They were very impressive.


After Harajuku we explored Akihabara for a few hours looking at many many electrical stores before going back to the accommodation and chilling out in the basement with a lovely Japanese girl named Kekochan and an American guy called Nate. We went out exploring with them that night for a few hours and found a little bar district called Golden Gai (none of which wad open when we were there) and right near that a very lovely temple. I was surprised to see snow around, I didnt think it was that cold!


Hannah x


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